No home disaster is rather as aggravating as when a hot water heater is leaking. When the storage tank on a Bakersfield water heater springs a leak, it can be a complicated mess to clean. For residents that don’t have an automated shutoff on the water heater, it will remain to take water in the tank, until the main water pipe entering the tank is turned off. obviously, none of that water can be properly heated, given that it’s all leaking out into your basement or utility room!

What Is a Bakersfield Water Heater Expansion Tank?Bakersfield Water Heater Expansion Tank

Like a lot of substances, water expands when it is heated. A standard water heater needs to heat water many times every day, considering that hot water is generally used a lot in an active household numerous times during a 1 Day duration. It is easy to not think of the amount of hot water that gets made use of when everyone in a family takes a bath, with cooking and washing the pots and pans, and with using the clothes washing machine. Each time the hot water in the tank is depleted, it has to be refilled. That suggests that cold water gets brought in and warmed to the pre-set temperature level (usually around 120-140 levels).

The trouble, then, is thermal expansion. When the heated water expands, it raises the pressure within the tank. Previously, when the pressure in the tank developed it would merely send a little of the water back to water main and out of the house, therefore alleviating the extra pressure. However this technique does not still function in every area anymore since a lot of public water systems have check valves that don’t enable water to reverse directions. This protects against backflow catastrophes in the home, however places added pressure on a water heater’s storage tank. This is the reason why many local communities are suggesting for a water heater expansion tank to be used.

A water heater expansion tank is an outside container that is linked to the water heater. When too much pressure builds up in the storage tank of the water heater, the expansion tank enables the pressed water and air to leave,considerably reducing the pressure on the water heater itself. This process also enhances the overall life-span of the heater too.

Water heater expansion tanks are required for tank installation in some regions currently. Some manufacturers will nullify the service warranty on a heater if it is not used. So check into having a water heater expansion tank setup from us. It is a super safety add on to possess on any water heater, and one that has excellent life-extending qualities.